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Lorena Acosta

Why Aryaa for Me?

On many occasions we navigate naturally through the complex miracles that life offers us: breathing deeply, the rumble of our hearts. We are a perfect machinery that until we learn about the art of becoming aware, it fails to recognize the depth of its existence, of its purposes.


This is why I decided to build this space, to raise awareness of what I do and live with the naturalness of all those processes that I stopped feeling as alien to me because they became an indisputable part of my person: my role in Aryaa. That is the reason for my work, my permanence, my dedication and stay: Aryaa is like a second skin for me that has embraced every fiber of my life's purposes.

My Journey to Aryaa

Since I was little I felt a heartbeat of change inside me. An indisputable knowledge that she was destined to move the world with compassion and help. I grew up in a precarious material context on a small Caribbean island that for anyone could have seemed like the definitive sign of redemption but that instead I lived as the necessary process to understand the lessons of that now, of material absence, of cultivating what is truly important: the spirit.

Time led me to move to Mexico and to forge, to the best of my ability, projects that would contribute to the life purpose that was now clearer than ever: to serve. I wrote books, taught classes, studied a degree in design with a thesis focused on aid and reintegration of marginalized indigenous communities, gave educational workshops, lectures, participated in various literary index projects and volunteered in various social projects. Without knowing it, I was building the version of myself that would be necessary so that at the exact moment in which I felt that I needed to be able to provide help to the world, serving an entity that must be greater than anything experienced to date, I would arrive hand in hand with a dear friend the possibility of participating in what would become the great project of my life: Aryaa.

The Skills I Share with Aryaa
(In no particular order)

  • Writing of texts (essays, poems, novels, academic texts, copy)
  • Teaching / Public Speaking
  • Graphic design from artistic contemplation
    (brand creation, editorial design, photography, illustration).
  • Digital marketing knowledge
  • Specialization in product packaging
  • Experience creating and implementing advertising campaigns and strategies
  • Skills with network management.

What Creative Gifts do I bring to Aryaa?

My creative being is expressed from the heartbeat: poetry, drawing, cooking, public speaking, music, dance. Everything that gives us meaning, that gives us movement. As an expression of my creativity, I can count various published books: philosophy essays, collections of poems, historical novels focused on social criticism.


Another symptom of my creative expression has been the safe healing spaces that I have created as a result of my psychology studies and all the dynamics that have unfolded within them. I have experimented with creating brands such as a successful chocolate shop that I came to found and position in the heart of what was my host city in Mexico, and I have made my life a stream of paths for free artistic expression.

The Spiritual Me

My spiritual path existed even before I was aware of it. I didn't always have the tools to name my processes in this area but in Aryaa I have found a platform that has allowed me to explore these areas of my life that I thought would never be accessible. Today I not only look forward to our spiritual encounters and meditations, but I actively implement in my life the lessons learned through my work, living with this new family of which I am now a part and I try to dedicate time in my day to day to rethink myself through the new lenses that spirituality has given me.

The Aryaa Way: Design

Aryaa is a company that has charted its own path in every area, cutting edge and owning itself and the processes it has created to perform in its own unique ways. This is why it was important to me to develop for it a design style that responds to it’s individuality.

Aryaa is a brand full of history, information and ancestral knowledge that surround products of the highest quality, and now it is also characterized by a design style whose aesthetic breaks with any established idea of how a food product should be sold and displayed. A simple exercise of thinking about organic product brands that are fairly similar will lead us to the realization that, in fact, none has a design so focused on details, symbologies, color studies, patterns, and graphic applications of icons and symbols that study the history and properties of its content.  From initial sketching to final packaging, every aspect of the company's design is designed to revolutionize the way we see and understand how a packaging or product communication strategy is supposed to work because, as we all know, Aryaa is more than a product, more than a message. Aryaa goes further.

Does the design style change by platform?

Simply put: No.  Our design style and sense of aesthetics is universal across the various platforms we are on. It is important to establish a design line that homogenizes all our brand and media applications in order to graphically encompass all our elements and position ourselves optimally for our consumer.  What does change is our communication. Depending on the platform, Aryaa uses the language style that best suits the support in question. Example: in the case of our website we choose to offer a wide and detailed repertoire of information, while in applications such as social networks the information is digested and synthesized for rapid consumption and understanding.