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Dinkar Karumuri


Aryaa for me is a Possibility. It is a phenomenon that has endless potential to have an impact on the communities and societies we live in by providing a convenient way of being healthy. I have personally struggled with weight in my life, and I have always struggled for that balance between practicality vs. functionality, taste vs. good for you. I found Aryaa through my great friend Kamal Hans, and we started evolving her, it gave me a purpose of providing that balance of practical and functional, tasty and it is good for you. Why Aryaa because it has a potential to impact many lives. I have fun with my colleagues and connect with consciousness.



I have been an entrepreneur for over 18 years and before that have worked with large corporations, I have been part of startups, and I had a successful exit out of some companies. I was in the middle of another business and reconnected with my friend Kamal. When we connected, Aryaa came up as a concept in our conversation and I got intrigued and started to contemplate on it and got connected with the idea of making a difference. We said let us take the idea of Aryaa and let it evolve and see her be its own being. With my background of technology, operations, and process-oriented mind my role evolved into both technology and operations to bring efficiencies. 

My journey began with can you help me with some technology stuff as I am moving from one system to another system, and from there we talked about possibilities and like any startup the vision enablement evolves over a period, and my journey did too as I started to see lots of possibilities. I have always been disappointed at donations to food pantries to displaced families as most of the donations include many processed foods which are not as nutritious and will further impact the health of these families where they do not have access to good healthy organic food. Our purpose at Aryaa is to make an impact on food donations with wholesome, convenient, tasty food that will be nutritious and sustainable. Just that impact is why Aryaa for me.



Leveraging technology and architecting solutions is an art, not a science, and I bring my creative skills using technology; hence, my nickname is “Solution Architect.” At Aryaa, we have very creative designers, artists, and visionaries, and my skill is to channel those ideas into solutions that realize the vision.  In addition, I bring my many years as a certified project manager and a certified scrum master and digital transformation experience to design and implement methodologies for product development, product acquisition, quality control, and marketing.

I share the technology, strategy, and operation skills I developed over many years in the industry, realizing the vision of making Aryaa the platform for ancient truths in Health and wellness. Our objective is to provide a beautiful customer experience that is impactful beyond the products.

My motto is always to give the thought behind the solution with focus and follow through on it with excellent execution. 

My experience in building and exiting out of companies, building start-ups and the lessons learned brings the relevant skills to Aryaa. 



My Spiritual quotient is something that is personally very important for me, and there is lot to learn and experience, and I know one day I will experience it. My trust triangle comprises of my Guru (Acharya VivekJi) from Chinmaya Mission, GOD, and our scriptures to guide me in the law of life. I make my family time a priority and love playing with my kids, hiking (a newfound passion), cooking, playing golf and travel to learn other cultures. One of my proudest academic achievements was my research thesis on the Modeling and Analysis of Virtual Reality Systems, which was presented in the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE98) in Kyoto, Japan.

My passion for service has always defined me, I serve in not-for-profits that make an impact and have worked on various activities of saving many lives with Oxygen during the COVID crisis, helping under privileged to get educated and provide them an opportunity to change a generation, working with orphanages for differently abled kids, a program to tutor under privileged kids, Corporate social responsibility activities with food pantries, soup kitchens, partnering with community colleges to introduce a curriculum to bring more technology professionals from under represented communities are some of the initiatives that I worked on. 

Though I am grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me to do my service to make an impact. Some of the organizations I actively participate are #NRIVA, #C4ITA, #ICO

I am an active participant in promoting startup culture, and act as a Mentor for other businesses and is a proponent of diversity in businesses and work towards reducing the gap of available talent and business needs by promoting STEM Education in schools. I am also a founding partner and an Advisory Board member for idSUREiTY an identity platform for Government and Commercial enterprises a startup.

I have no expectations only possibilities. I believe that Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity are the key to lead life with our true nature of Happiness and Awareness.