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General Questions

One of our top missions is to offer healthy, nutritious, organic, sustainable, global products and fulfill humanity’s need for Education, Connection, and Purity through Science and Spirit.

  • Every Aryaa product is infused with 528hz Solfeggio sound vibrations which is the frequency of Love.
  • Our products are blessed by the Elders or wisdom keepers of each culture.
  • The founders of our company physically connect to the soil, where we source from ensuring that the energy of the products and producers is of high vibration.
  • Every day we begin our team meetings meditating together to enter a state of group coherence which we know will not only benefit the team, but also everyone who engages with Aryaa.

Everything we do and everything we create, is connected to the highest vibration which is.....LOVE

Sound is ENERGY. We are ENERGY. The universe is ENERGY. Sound and vibrations connect us all.  

Sounds, frequencies, matter, thoughts, emotion (energy-in-motion) affect the electromagnetic field that surrounds us.  

Since the development of Homeopathy in the 1700’s, it has been widely understood that any substance can be imprinted with frequencies.

Every single one of the Aryaa products has been infused with 528hz Solfeggio sound frequencies during the making and packing process to enhance their natural and amazing properties creating a whole new level of healing, harmonization and regeneration of our bodies and energy fields. 

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Aryaa Organic is  passionate about creating a positive social impact, giving back to farmers, communities, and charities facilitating the employment of the underprivileged. 

  • Ancient Secrets Foundation: "The Ancient Secrets Foundation was established to help children around the world live a better life. We have the power to change the lives of so many children in need. Our vision is to be one of the most effective foundations that exist. The kids we serve deserve the best." https://ancientsecretsfoundation.org/
  • Mission Neem5: "We are a nonprofit organization committed to empowering and helping women (and those they are responsible for) through education and use of organic products." https://www.themn5.com/
  • SaveSoil: "Save Soil is a global movement launched by Sadhguru, to address the soil crisis by bringing together people from around the world to stand up for Soil Health, and supporting leaders of all nations to institute national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content in cultivable Soil." https://consciousplanet.org/
  • Futuro Vivo Guatemala: "Futuro Vivo is an educational support and human rehabilitation program aimed for community development. We provide work for women with our self-sustainability programs, and provide adolescents and young people the appropriate tools for a better life. "https://www.futurovivoguatemala.org/

If you would like to join our movement, email us at connect@aryaaorganic.com

Tunisian and Mayan soon!

Mind-body-spirit means that our overall well-being comes not just from physical health, but from mental and spiritual health too.  To achieve a sense of “Wholeness” or truly feel healthy, all three aspects of our nature need to be paid attention to.  

Aryaa’s team understands the importance of attaining this through taking care of our physical bodies, by eating nutritious food,  becoming conscious of what emotions and thoughts are driving our lives, and the connection with a higher source through meditating, being out in nature or through any spiritual practice that gives you a sense of peace and calmness and a more meaningful life.


All of our current products can be stored in the pantry or cupboard. No refrigeration is needed.

Every single one of our supplements can be taken internally and also used externally.  The skin is the largest organ in the human body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. So when it comes to living a healthy and natural lifestyle, it is just as important what you put in your body as what you put on your skin.

All of our supplements can be added to smoothies, juices, as tea infusions or used as face or hair masks as nourishing and rejuvenating treatments.  Check out each product at our store for ideas.

Most of our products are sugar free, with the exception of the Sweet Amla, Sweet and Sour Mango Slices and the Calcutta Meetha Paan.

The Aryaa products are naturally free of allergens like soy, corn, wheat, shellfish, nuts and peanuts.  

The only exception is Ghee which is not dairy-free because it's butterfat. However, it's lactose-free because all of the milk solids are completely removed during production. So if you're avoiding dairy because you're lactose intolerant, ghee is a safe option for you.

All of our products are Non-Gmo Certified and most of them are USDA Certified Organic. 

Yes they are.  

Our Moong Bean Soup Elixir, Moong Bean Soup Elixir Refill and Khichdi contain gluten free HIng (Asafetida).

Yes they are. Our products are always tested during production and before shipping to our US warehouses.

All of Aryaa products are Vegan with the exception of Ghee

All of our Spices, Supplements, Whole Amla, Sour Dried Amla, Olive Oil and Ghee are Keto and Paleo friendly

Many of our products' packaging are recyclable. We are consistently striving for complete harmony and coherence with our world and environment.


When your order is processed, you should receive an email with the tracking number. If you are not able to find this information, please check your account and/or contact us at connect@aryaaorganic.com.

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Aryaa Return Policy

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Aryaa Return Policy

Email us at connect@aryaaorganic.com and we will be happy to assist you!

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Moong Bean Soup Elixir

There are approximately 14 servings in the kit. Depending how many vegetables and water you add to the recipe servings will vary.

No. The detox plan is included when you purchase the kit. There is also the option of purchasing the Moong Bean Soup Refill plus Jivaka Treasure's book which contains the detox information.

Yes! Click here

We would love to showcase your unique Moong Bean Soup Elixir recipe on our website. You can send it to connect@aryaaorganic.com.

Thank you for making this world a healthier and happier place to live in.