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 "Join Us in Making a Difference: Our Charitable Partnerships”

Ancient Secrets Foundation

The Ancient Secrets Foundation, inspired by Dr. Naram's vision, focuses on improving children's lives globally. Aryaa Organic collaborates with this foundation, sharing values of compassion and global harmony. The foundation actively works in saving orphan homes and providing holistic care to children in need. Aryaa Organic's Moong Bean Soup Kit Elixir and Moong Bean Soup Elixir Family Kit support this meaningful cause. Learn more and contribute to this noble mission at Ancient Secrets Foundation.


Mission Neem 5 emphasizes ecological balance and community involvement through planting Neem trees, a mission supported by Aryaa Organic's array of Paans, Snacks, and Supplements. This collaboration enhances environmental preservation and aligns with Aryaa Organic’s sustainability efforts. Discover more about this environmental initiative and how you can contribute at Mission Neem 5.

Save Soil

Save Soil is dedicated to protecting and enriching soil health, crucial for sustainable agriculture, a mission that Aryaa Organic supports through the sale of our Khichdi products. This partnership highlights the importance of soil conservation for a sustainable future. Learn more about Save Soil and how to support their initiative at Save Soil.

Futuro Vivo

Aryaa Organic's partnership with Futuro Vivo is focused on enhancing the quality of life in Guatemalan communities through education, health, and sustainable development. Our Cardamom from Guatemala supports these efforts. Explore more about Futuro Vivo and how to get involved in their community-enhancing initiatives at Futuro Vivo.

We invite you to join us in this journey of compassion and transformation. As you enjoy the holistic benefits of our products, know that your choice is also nurturing a child's future, planting a tree for a greener earth, enriching the soil that feeds us, and uplifting communities. Together, let's continue to weave a tapestry of goodwill that stretches across continents and cultures, embodying the true spirit of Aryaa Organic - where ancient wisdom meets modern life, and every purchase becomes a step towards a more harmonious and enlightened world. Discover more about our partnerships and how you can contribute. Together, let's make a difference, one product, one purchase, one life at a time.