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Patanjali Grass Fed Cow's Ghee (Organic)

Energy Infused Patanjali Grass Fed Cow's Ghee

Sourced from grass-fed cows, having a higher content of vitamins A, D and E and K. Vitamin A – Important for normal vision, the immune system, and reproduction.  

Health Benefits:  

  • Non-Allergenic. Ghee does not contain milk solids. It is safe to be consumed by those lactose or casein intolerant.
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Good source of Vitamin K2, Butyric acid and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).
  • Relieves Constipation.  It is suggested to take a spoon full of desi ghee with warm milk, every night to help digestion and constipation.
  • Improves digestion by stimulating the secretion of stomach acid. 
  • Cow Ghee is also used on skin and hair for its external healing qualities. 
  • Cow's ghee is a storehouse of energy

Uses : Great for Baking, Cooking, Sautéing, Frying, Dipping Sauces, Grilling, Coffee Elixirs, Porridges, Roasting.

Grass fed, Low in Lactose, Low in Casein, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Keto and Paleo friendly.  

Ingredients:  Grass fed Cow’s Ghee 


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